Welcome to the official Stacie L. Johnson webpage!  Thank you for checking us out, it is my hope that you will see something that will cause you to stay plugged in. I am optimistic that you will read something or click on something that will leave you with a desire to connect with us on a deeper level.  I look forward to you getting to know us for the purpose of developing a lasting relationship.

Just a few words from Stacie…

For decades women across the globe have been crying out to be heard, uplifted, trained and supported throughout their life’s journey. This use to frustrate me, because I as one of those women knew I was called, knew I was gifted.  But, there were not many women who cared or were willing or brave enough to share their knowledge and experience so I could grow and become the confident, strong woman I am today. So with the calling that God has placed on my life, I am charged to assist women in reaching their fullest potential. I learned that before women can attempt to grow in their businesses, ministries or personal vision, we must first have some real conversation with our hearts. So I have gathered together in one place skilled women known as The Empowerment Team.  These women were willing to be broken, they have Unveiled, they are equipped and they are walking in their Next Season.  Every team member has gone through their process so they can help you unmask, unveil and began to soar like never before!

Join us for The Unveiled Heart 2020 Symposium Tour, coming to a city near you!