Adonai Prison Ministries

We unite and empower families for purpose


        Our Vision and Mission

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Adonai Ministries of Cincinnati vision is to empower the inmate/returning citizen and their families through the word of God with a spiritual and practical application. To provide a support system from within and without the prison walls, connecting them with community services, faith-based organizations and others who have re-entered society. So they may become respectable citizens, vibrant and witty businesses men and women. We believe most of those who have emerged from the most impoverished communities will become respectable citizens in society. This will take place through a strong foundation in God, establishing structure, nurturing , love and compassion. A new life will be emerged into the visions and lives of the underprivileged returning citizens, inmates and their family members.


Adonai Ministries of Cincinnati  is a Christian-based ministry that provides preaching, teaching, coaching and evangelizing of the word of God, we establish relationships in the community and around the country with organizations of like vision, to connect prison inmates/ex-offenders and their families with the support necessary to function in today’s society. Our focus is to reclaim, restore and revitalize the lives of those who are in bonds. The ministry’s goal is to empower individuals by equipping them through training of the word of God and on-going support in three vital areas in which they are critically deficient: spiritual growth, family awareness and social skills. Our passion is to see significant life change occur in those who are behind bars and their families.





Why is Adonai Ministries important?

Imagine that you made some wrong choices and these choices caused you to go to prison.  You spent five or more years in the penitentiary, you came in with a wife/husband and kids or maybe you got married while you were incarcerated. Your hope was to become all that God wanted you to be while you were in prison, what you learned in prison was how to survive and most of your learning was on your own, nobody prepared you for the reality of life, family and especially the outside world. Nobody showed you how to discern to make right choices, you spend years telling yourself that you are a changed person, now you are released after serving your entire sentence. Imagine that you have to come home to your wife/husband and children, In addition to being thousands of dollars in debt, finding employment is a challenge because of the felony conviction on your record. You thought you knew how to love your family with commitment, respect and honor. The hidden frustrations of life, love and being out of touch with reality have just set in. Or, you are still incarcerated and you need the tools to help you survive the stages of change has you go through your prison process. If this touches you, then Adonai Ministries is for you! Contact us for more information.