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Love it! This Is Phenomenal and Extremely Well Written… Page after page, it takes the reader into a journey of self-truth and self-discovery that is Soul Stirring! Apostle Stacie Johnson’s ” An Unveiled Heart” is one of the most Prolific, Powerful, and Compelling Books I’ve Ever Read.  From the First Chapter ” The Elect Ladies” to the Final Chapter, ” It’s Time to Hit The Reset Button She Opens Up and Speaks With Such A Pure Honesty from the depths of her Soul about Her own Painful but Powerful Journey of Self Discovery and Self Love!  Boldly and Unapologetically, she peels back the intricate layers and unravels the myths and self- destroying mechanisms we impose on ourselves as well as those we allow to come into our lives to derail and destroy our hopes and dreams.  She talks candidly about the devastation of not feeling good enough…loving yet not being loved, low self-esteem, and the dangerous effects of co-dependency. Stacie exposes the catastrophic and detrimental untruths, deceptions, and false expectations that can and will devastate our lives, preventing us from ever reaching our full potential in life. This book is A Must Read that captures you from the beautiful cover …chapter after chapter-opening your mind causing you to face the hidden secrets and painful areas of your life that may still be unhealed, undelivered, and the importance of walking in your Truth… This book cleanses broken Spirits and allows the reader to not only recognize and understand how false or unrealistic expectations, lack of true deliverance, and Real Love, starting with self, can cause many of us to undervalue our Self-Worth. Yet, the amazing thing about this book is it leads one on a path of awakening that causes undeniable revelations, recalibration and empowers the reader while equipping them with the necessary keys and knowledge to regain their Power thru Christ and Hitting Their Own Reset Button!

Dr. Pamela Robinson, PSY. D, DNP, DVS, and Certified Life & Health Coach


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This book was a wonderful read ! I love how the author takes you through her journey and then shares how the most high guided her out of darkness ! Bravo ! This is by far the best spiritual book i have read in a long time. I loved the book The shack but this right here tops it in my book ! The details, the definitions , everything. This is for sure a keeper, anyone going through a tuff time or stuck in a dark place this book will surely help you pull through ! Stacie L. Johnson thank you for such a good read ! I cried, I laughed , got happy again and towards the end said a prayer !!!!!!!!!

From Jenni

5 Star Rating!


Good morning 🌞 where do I start. This lovely lady, a mentor to many, pours her heart out to women daily and she released her second book an unveiling heart in which I just started reading. I will be taking my time with this bc it not just a book it’s a movement and life changing. I’m very proud of her



What a gem!! I love this book because it ministers to Christians on all levels. This book will gently teach the reader regardless of what level you are in Christ. Thank you for your transparency and your willingness to be exposed to help us see ourselves more clearly. Although the book is full of profound truths, each reader will get the love and grace they need, for this book to speak directly to them.

Dr. Kimberly Ventus-Darks
International Motivation Speaker, Author,
Ghost Writer& Problem Solver Expert


Where do I even start?
First off, I want to thank you Apostle Stacie Johnson personally for my copy of my book. She’s such an inspirational and admirable person. Her spirit is just beautiful and she is so kind, very encouraging and a powerful woman of God! That’s what makes this book so powerful. This book has changed the way I look at myself and how I acknowledge God. See, if you get the book, YOU HAVE TO GET THE JOURNAL!! That is the best way you will be able to understand her story and connect it with yours. I love how unique this book is. From the scriptures quoted, to the prayers written and the motivational quotes added in this book. I love how she talks about how God led her to unveil because this book led me to unveil. When you unveil, you remove that veil over your heart that has blocked you from being blessed by God and letting God use you in the way He needs to. During my unveiling process, in which I’m still in, opened up those doors that I closed from the past because they hurt so bad not knowing I had to re-open them to face those things that I once hidden. This book took me through a process of understanding myself and who God wants me to be. I can definitely say that even reading this book that I cried. I smiled and I even felt a connection to the writer spiritually. This book is for women who feel stuck and needs an extra push to understand whats their purpose and calling. With this book, I’m figuring out who I am in Christ and also as a sister, daughter and friend to others. I’ve realized that I hadn’t freed myself from certain things that kept me in bondage for so long. This book helped to forgive people and also myself. It helped me to walk with my head up high with the boldness of Christ that dwells in me. This book is teaching me to be a woman of God and a queen within. To know what I want and what to go after. Trust me, I’m not perfect but this book is teaching me to love me and the skin that came along with me. So, thank you Stacie Johnson for this powerful book! No, i’m not finished, I am still unveiling my truths and my ugliness. I couldn’t have done this without your willingness to God to write this book and my motivation to read it! This book is amazing and it will change your life!



So you know how people can over exaggerate things sometimes… Yeah, I thought every time somebody said they stuck in this chapter or that chapter they were just being “EXTRA” until I begin to read it for myself and got stuck. As a matter of fact I restart a few times as I do the Bible just to let it marinate and get in me because I am so For Real about my Life. I am not a book reader by any means necessary, I don’t just like to read books but in the past year I have and this one here is the Truth 🙄
Why am I rolling my eyes then??? I’m glad you asked, the journal to the book makes you come face to face with all the things you think you Delivered from and then find out your not really and that’s why this and that is the way it is and/or going on… It makes you get Real with yourself and Go deep 😣 I mean I told the author, my mentor, my spiritual mother (I Love You) that when I am DONE I wanted to burn the whole journal up… The stuff I have to relive and face, the pages I wrote on at least because that is how much it Exposes and Unveils… If you need answers, you can get them right here, you don’t have to be stuck at all —-Help is Here… I am just over it already 🤦🏽‍♀️ it hurts but it’s helping me. Stuff you thought you dealt with, you realize that was just the beginning… If you are SERIOUS about your life and really want change please get this book… This is not just for a Churchgoer, this is to heal every woman every where that need to get UnStuck #GetYouONE as a matter of fact I may gift a few to some women I know that could really benefit from reading this book and journaling. Some women that need to soul search and be set free but, if that is you please reach out so you can get your copy today, whewwwwwww 😱 it’s gone change your life… #Don‘tbescaredBePrepared. Tiffany 


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An Unveiled Heart Study Guide: Blindsided by the Emotions of Pain, Lies, and Disappointment

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An Unveiled Heart: Blindsided by the Emotions of Pain, Lies and Disappointment
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